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Dahn Yoga Classes & ServicesDahn Yoga offers three basic services that you can combine into a membership package, or enjoy separately, depending on your personal goals.

Brain Education Step 1
You can improve your physical health by developing strength, flexibility, breathing, and energy sensitivity with our daily yoga classes.
Our classes vary throughout the week for a more dynamic practice experience. Each class will help you shift your focus from outside to within yourself. Through our signature breathing postures, you will gather energy in your core, leaving you feeling strong, calm, and fresh.
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Brain Education Steps 2-4
In just a day or two, you can feel completely renewed.
Our popular workshop series guide you through Brain Education Steps 2-4. They can help you develop your awareness and sensitivity, strengthen your physical body, and explore your personal development and spiritual growth.
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Dahn Yoga practice includes several methods that can help you achieve your personal goals. Group classes are effective, but instructors can address your individual condition better when they work with you personally.
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For class and workshop schedules, please visit your local center's home page.