Elements of a Basic Class

Dahn Yoga Meridian Stretching (Do-In) Meridian Stretching, or 'Do-In'
Do-In means 'pushing and pulling' of the meridians. Meridian exercises gently stretch the muscles of the body while moving and rotating joints. As the body naturally releases tension, energy flows more smoothly through the energy channels (meridians) of the body.

Brain Wave Vibration
Brain Wave Vibration is our signature exercise. It is a simple, easy-to-follow brain fitness and holistic healing method that helps bring your body and mind back into balance. Through rhythmic movement and focused attention, it helps you manage stress, rediscover your physical vitality, and enhance your creativity.
For more information, visit www.brainwavevibration.com.

Energy Breathing Postures
Dahn Yoga guides practitioners to practice deep, abdominal, energy center breathing known as "Dahn Jon" breathing. Breathing from the abdomen enables practitioners to relax deeply and breathe in universal life energy or "Ki".

Practitioners are gradually able to accumulate Ki in the energy center in the lower abdomen and circulate it throughout the 365 energy points of the body.

A beginning practitioner will start with basic levels of breathing. Depending on your condition and how diligently you practice, you can advance towards energy abdominal breathing.

Energy Meditation: 'Ji-Gam'
Dahn Yoga Energy Meditation (Ji-Gam) Serenity, clarity, and creativity are unleashed through this subtle free-form energy meditation. You will quickly find that you can feel Ki energy and experience inner peace in each class. As your concentration deepens, you will be able to follow this peaceful energy more deeply into your body.

Energy Dance: 'Dahn-Mu'
Dahn means “energy,” and Mu means “dance.” Dahn-Mu is a form of dancing with the natural flow of energy, called Energy Dance.
This gentle dancing is an effective method to control and utilize qi energy. Practitioners usually experience qi as a gentle vibration inside the body. The qi usually begins in the hands and then quickly moves through the whole body until the entire body is responding in dance-like movements.

Dahn-Mu is easy to accomplish since there is nothing to learn in the way of technique. The alignment of the body with qi is influenced by the state of mind. Dahn-Mu might be expressed with fast or slow motions. As the dancing progresses, practitioners begin to experience a gentle, dynamic meditation.

Energy Martial Art: 'DahnMuDo'
Energy Martial Art: DahnMuDo DahnMuDo is a comprehensive system of movement that is derived from the ancient tradition of Korean healing and martial arts forms.  It includes principles and practices for the enhancement of life energy and for the development of the ability to use energy.  It can be literally translated as “the art of being limitless.”  The word dahn means “energy”; mu means “limitless”; and do means “the way.” Thus, it is a discipline designed to develop power and to uncover endless creative energy.

In this non-combative, healing martial art, we learn how to use our body to enhance our mental and spiritual strength while gaining a sense of personal integrity. The ultimate goal of DahnMuDo is to develop a complete human being who has full mastership of body, mind, and spirit.

Intestine Exercises
When the internal muscles and organs in the lower abdomen are stiff, then the body's natural detoxification process will not function efficiently. Many people hold too much tension in this area from stress, poor exercise, or poor eating habits.

Intestine Exercises will help you become aware of any built up tension in your lower abdominal area, make it more flexible, increase its circulation, enhance its detoxifying functions, and prepare it for proper abdominal breathing.

Energy Center Tapping
Energy Center Tapping is an exercise which uses ancient wisdom to obtain quick results. Tapping is a traditional health practice in the Far East and one of the first Dahn Yoga exercises.

Ki Energy moves through vibration, but when the body is tense and stiff, it gets blocked and becomes stagnant. Energy Center Tapping releases blocked energy as well as muscular tension. Like Intestine Exercises, it is so simple and effective, you will be surprised you hadn't learned it before.

Ki Gong
Ki Gong This energy martial art helps practitioners completely rebalance their body. With consistent practice, the skeletal system can be straightened out and muscles can become strong and relaxed. Practitioners young and old alike love Ki Gong, and report that the best result is that they can hold on to the effects throughout the day, learning to keep a peaceful, confident mind even in the face of stress.