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Restoring Emotional Balance


After a decade of helping to heal a very sick child (he's doing great now), I was left with a sense of pure exhaustion. Poor sleep over a long period of time and intense stress left me feeling physically tired most of the time and anxious, and left me experiencing unpleasant endocrine fluctuations.

After just a few yoga sessions, I began to enjoy deeper sleep, less anxiety (drinking less coffee), better digestion, and a calming sense of mind/body balance, and physically, I began to feel stronger and more flexible. I no longer buzz through my checklist of work but slow down so that I can enjoy what I'm doing and I am more productive.

Professionally, I am a child development specialist and a nutritionist. I am well-versed in many holistic treatments, and they served me and my son so well during his illness, but I am grateful to have found such a valuable method of restoring my inner peace.

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