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Overcoming Tension, Pain, and Back Problems

Stephen, Lynnwood center, (WA)

When I started Dahn Yoga I had no idea what to do for myself; I just knew that my body hurt and was tightening more and more over time, and that tension in my body and a swollen feeling was making it hard to move the way I had in my youth. I was only 31 years old, but I felt like a broken old man. My lower back would blow out two or three times a year to the point that I would be out for a week or two. I had built up a lot of toxic emotions from my previous experiences.

Dahn Yoga is like Kung-Fu for our soul. Energy starts to move and release little by little. Through Dahn Yoga, I moved through the stages of release, layer by layer, eventually exposing my true self to myself. As my body readjusted and straightened into a more natural, open state I learned how to quiet my mind through dynamic meditation. In the moments when my mind chatter stops, I feel bright energy filling my body.

I learned to heal myself using my natural healing power. Although some exercises may feel awkward at first, it started to strengthen my body, and started getting energy moving through my body. My ego started to melt away and I found that all aspects of Dahn Yoga training are beneficial. Using your body to enlighten your mind is what Dahn Yoga is all about. Keep Training!

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