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Healed Ruptured Disc

Janice Yoon, Lynnwood center, (WA)

I have been a member of Body N Brain Yoga & Tai Chi for 2 years and 8 months. I just love the program. When I first walked in in February of 2009, I was suffering from a ruptured disc and I was barely walking, almost crawling. The condition has improved 100%. I am happier and healthier now than any time of my life.

My mother had a laminectomy 3 years ago. Last November, the pain came back on her left leg and she was in severe pain and she could not walk and she was having all kinds of symptoms including dizziness, mental weakness, difficulty breathing. After some private healing sessions with one of the instructor, she started getting better. She was able to take the regular classes after 1 month. Now my mother goes to classes 3 times a week. She is 87 years old and she looks like my older sister (I am 58!!) and she doesn't use the walker. I have so much faith in this program. I know it works. Anyone who wants to be heathier and happier should try the program. Also anyone who has unexplainable symptoms should try this program.

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