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Colleen Rowley, Portland center, (OR)

I have been going for about 5 months now, which is short in time but feels expansive in personal growth. My physical body had no real problems, other than being a little out of shape, but my mental state was depressive when I first started going. I had struggled with depression most of my life, never really feeling content or like anything was worth doing, even in my career.

Being only 23 and feeling this way, knowing that a whole life time still awaited me I felt hopeless. This practice has opened me up, growing myself and not just understanding but actually feeling the greater connection to all life. This now inspires me to want to live and create, that life is beautiful if we can allow ourselves to see it. For anyone searching for understanding, purpose, themselves I invite you to come and explore at the Dahn center. Learn to live with purpose, joy, and a healthy body.

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