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Healing Back Pain in 3 weeks

Laurye Tanner,

I started yoga at Cedar Crest Body and Brain Holistic Yoga in April. After 3 weeks I could tell a huge difference - I was sleeping better. I had considerably more energy. The pain in my lower back went from severe to sometimes no pain at all. My knee pain was almost gone. I even got down on the floor and got up. I have not been able to do that in over 25 years. I have not felt this good in years. These are some of the changes in less than a month.

This has made many changes in my health for the better. I also signed up for healings by the owner, Jo. I really believe her healing is what made me get to this healthier stage so very fast. She is the best kept secret in Cedar Crest. You will love her positive, uplifting attitude. She is never without a smile and a hug. She honestly cares about your health and wants you to heal as fast as you can. She offers free classes also. Every other Friday at 2 PM, she offers a free meditation class usually at the library. Once a month she offers a group mediation healing circle. Both of these are outstanding and yes, they are free. Just call for times and dates. Tell your friends!

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