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Huge Improvements in just Two Weeks

Theresa, Washington DC center, (DC)

Dahn Yoga was highly recommended to me by a trusted friend so I decided to try it. The first week I became aware of everything I needed to correct and improve about my body condition. Dahn Yoga exercises gave me so much information about myself in the span of just one week.  I was able to find out that I couldn’t even lift my legs off the floor, I was in so much pain, and I couldn’t sit and cross my legs.

Second week (currently) it’s amazing that I don’t feel as much pain, I can lift my legs for almost two minutes and I can cross my legs. It’s a huge amount of progress for just two weeks! It’s not all in my head, it is actually a real change.  

The instructor at Washington DC center is very kind and helpful and she is very professional. She knows how to communicate the health principles in a laymen language, so the students can follow her well and understand everything to easily connect the mind, body and soul.

I am happy to be getting back to my old self again. I feel a flow of positive energy that is just amazing, so I’ve decided to enroll for another month. I’m looking forward to becoming thinner and more healthy through this process. It’s just great.

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