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Dahn Yoga Meridian of the Month: The Kidney Meridian

August 23rd, 2011

Minister of Power and Influence

This month’s meridian is identified with the kidneys, water energy organs which house the body’s most important reservoir of essential energy, store primal life energy and inherited prenatal energy, or Jung, in their system, and distribute this Jung, which is controlled by water, to all the organs. This body energy system includes the adrenal glands, which influence metabolism, immunity, sexual potency and fertility.

Traveling an amazingly complex route that impacts diverse bodily functions and connects twenty-seven yin points, the Kidney (yin) Meridian begins at the Bladder (yang) Meridian; then from below the small toe to the leg, then to the spine, its trajectories pass through the kidneys, spirally wrap the bladder, pass through the liver and into the lungs, then spirally wrap the heart and end at the collarbone.

Though kidneys maintain and process bodily fluids, they also filter toxins from the blood supply to the bladder, regulate the body's acid-alkaline balance, and influence physical development, reproductive functions, and the skeletal system. Some symptoms of a weak Kidney Meridian are: discomfort in the waist; shortness of breath; weak lower back and knees; frequent diarrhea; insomnia; tinnitus; and cold sweats during sleep, with a preference to sleep on the stomach.

Problems in the Water element organs (kidneys and bladder) are expressed in the Fire element organs (heart and small intestine). Dysfunction in the kidneys or bladder may cause a sudden rise in blood pressure or cause a stroke or cardiac arrest. Here are some helpful exercises to aid your kidneys:

Abdominal(dahnjon) breathing
It stimulates the kidneys as they move up and down. Focus your attention on the Myungmoon point on your back (opposite belly button) and breathe through it. This breathing helps ease the kidney’s functions of filtering blood and excreting toxins.

Sole patting
The soles of the feet are the acupoint Yongchun, or ‘spring well’ from which vital water energy emanates. With a wooden stick or your fingers, apply pressure to stimulate the points for about five minutes.

Kidney massage
To release stagnant energy and enhance the kidneys’ function: Rub your hands together until they are hot; press your hands on your kidneys, fingers pointing down, and massage in and up-and-down motion.

Superman posture
Lie on your stomach with your arms reaching out in front of you. Look straight ahead, arch your back, and lift your hands and feet. Tense your wrists and ankles and maintain this posture for 2 minutes or less; with practice, you can increase this time.

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