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Membership & Pricing
  • One Regular Class: $20

  • Individual Introductory Session Fee: $30

  • Regular Membership

    1 Month Unlimited $150
    3 Month 3 times a week $390 Includes 4 individual checkup sessions)
    6 Month 3 times a week $640 Includes atleast 4 individual customized care sessions.
    1 Year Unlimited $1190 Includes individual customized care sessions.
    2 Year Unlimited $2200 Benefits: After 2 years, receive 70% off regular memberships, 10% discount on workshops.
    3 Year Unlimited $3000 Benefits: After 3 years, receive 80% off regular memberships & 20% off workshops
    10 Classes Unlimited $180
    20 Classes Unlimited $290
  • Private Session

    * Using customized Dahn Yoga exercise and breathing method to help release tension from the body, including: back, neck, feet, and abdomen. * Helps relieve pain and stiffness from the body * Facilitates awakening of the senses and increases body awareness. * Our exercises are adaptable for all ages and body conditions. We work with you one-on-one to create a customized program that meets your individual needs and personal goals such as pain relief, deep relaxation, weight control, emotional management, self-confidence and illness recovery. * Learn how to recognize - and eventually break free from - old, self-limiting habits and life-patterns, and live with greater health and well-being.