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Regaining Range of Motion in Shoulder

Timothy O'Malley, Orland Park center, IL

I had suffered from a condition called frozen shoulder for three years. Basically I was told by an orthopedic surgeon that all I could do was wait the 5 to 8 years is takes to go away on its own - all medical people could do was make it less painful for me but it would take a long time to get any ability to use my arms. I tried several different cures such as acupuncture, whole foods, massage chiropractors, physical therapy and almost opted for cortizone shots due to the extreme pain.

I then was told about Dahn Yoga and went in and talked to the Instructor who was in Orland Park at that time. She basically told me she could help, but by this time I was very skeptical because I had heard that from so many others with no results. After just three weeks my arms started to free up and after two months I had 100% range of motion back. Well so much for being skeptical, they proved to me that this is the way to stay healthy and move like a twenty year old. I now signed up for a two year program and I am totally convinced they care about me and my health and my whole well being.

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