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No More Heart Palpitations

Kathy Maguire, Scottsdale center, AZ

Over the last six months that I've been a member of Dahn Yoga, the benefits I have received are beyond anything I would have thought was possible. I wandered into the Dahn Yoga Center because I was under a lot of stress, which was causing physical symptoms including heart palpitations. The doctors wanted to put me on medication for the stress and for my heart, but I declined. Within two weeks of joining Dahn Yoga, my symptoms were completely gone. How wonderful.

Additionally, as the weeks and months went by, I started to find I feel a new sense of empowerment as I conduct my business and also in my personal relationships. My business has absolutely taken off as a result of feeling so empowered and my obstacles and fears feel so very much diminished. 

I am grateful to the instructors at the Scottsdale Dahn Yoga Center for all their hard work and caring, and I look forward to continued success and happiness as a result of making Dahn Yoga an important part of my life.

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