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Calm, Peaceful Brain

Rasmyah, Washington DC center, DC

I used to be a person who never stopped thinking, even if I was sleeping, eating, walking, or smiling and having a good time with my friends...I was still thinking and worrying about everything around me. I never felt safe and I always felt scared of people; I never trusted anyone. I expected bad things to happen, every time the phone rang or I read an email, I assumed there would be bad news about something. Because of this, I decided to go to Shimsung training, to find my True Self.

Now, after Shimsung, I live in the same apartment, I meet the same people, I use the same things, but I am different. I really, truly, feel different. And the people around me notice it too, they are smiling with me and wondering what happened to me. I feel nothing (or no one) can stop me from doing what I want. Believe it or not, this is the first day that I could hear the birds chirping from my apartment, and I wondered if they had always been there (and I had just never noticed because of my busy, worried brain) or if they really just happened to come and greet me today!

I feel that now I am lighter and my busy brain is just gone... it's now just my calm, peaceful, positive brain. I no longer feel tight pressure around my head, I truly feel relaxed and free.

Please go to Shimsung training, for yourself! Please, do it for yourself. I highly recommend it to everyone.

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