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Physical and Spiritual Wellbeing

Jose Fuentes, Westchester center, NY

I attended the Dahn Center in 2005 for a year. Although overweight, my physical condition improved greatly because of the Yoga and Tai chi. But, I also experienced a lot of change mentally and emotionally - I became happy and peaceful.

In fact I felt blissful and spiritually renewed. Gina and every instructor were kind, loving and compassionate - and so were all the members that I met there. In fact, I've never experienced so much love and compassion as I did when I was a member there and I miss everyone.

Best of all, my Chi force increased tremendously and I felt that I was constantly surrounded by powerful loving energy. Although, after years of not practicing, my Chi energy has declined and I've had health issues. But the spiritual growth that opened me to love and compassion and happiness is still with me. I would like to one day return with my wife and children in that hope that they too will share my experience. Thank you, Jose Fuentes

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