Try Dahn YogaFAQ about Memberships

Q1. Can I try a class without joining?

Answer: Sure. You can make an appointment or visit a local center to try a class.

Q2. Will membership allow me to take class at more than one location?

Answer: A basic membership will allow you to take classes at the center where you join. You may make arrangements to transfer your membership to another location. However, if you purchase a long term membership, you will be eligible to attend classes at any location.

Q3. How much does membership cost?

Answer: The cost of a membership depends on which membership package you choose. Generally, a 3 month basic membership can range from $400 to $500. 6 Month and 1 Year membership are also available. All may be purchased under a payment plan, with applicable processing fees.

Q4. What happens if I move to another city or state?

Answer: If you move to another city or state, you can transfer your membership to a new location. If you move to a location where there is no Dahn Yoga or affiliate within then you may cancel your membership in accordance with the terms of your membership agreement.

Q5. Can I put my membership on hold if I go on vacation?

Answer: In case of illness or vacation, you can put your membership on hold. Please consult with center managers about this.

Q6. Can I transfer my membership to someone else?

Answer: Dahn Yoga memberships are non-transferable.

Q7. Can I purchase a gift certificate or membership for someone else?

Answer: You can purchase a gift certificate or membership at any Dahn Yoga or affiliated location. In most cases, the certificate may only be used at the location of purchase.

Q8. What do I wear for class?

Answer: Dahn Yoga classes promote relaxed movement and circulation of body heat. Therefore, light, loose clothing is encouraged. Most locations have uniforms available for classes.