Yoga for Mother's Day and Beyond

Released on April 28th, 2014


May is Mother's Month

A wide variety of people take advantage of Dahn Yoga's benefits. Whether you are using the exercises to enhance your fitness regimen or seeking holistic relief from stress related conditions like insomnia, anxiety or high blood pressure, Dahn Yoga can help. Mothers, can especially can use the practice to their advantage.

Dahn Yoga classes can help mothers in countless ways. Consider this your "me" time. The mindful meditation techniques can help you manage the stress of being a parent and learn how to gain control over their moods. Tao Yin exercises and meridian stretching can boost your energy.

With Mother's Day coming up, the leader in health and wellness is offering a special promotion just for moms. Throughout the month of May, mothers can enjoy a 20 percent discount on Dahn Yoga memberships. This is our way of showing appreciation for the women who give so much to nurture others and show us how to love.

Moms, please click here to get started!!!

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